BITMAIN’s Non-fixed Price Order Model Helps Customer Iris Energy Grow Against the Odds

Benefiting from the Non-fixed Price Order model agreement with BITMAIN that includes a “price adjustment mechanism”, Australian bitcoin mining company Iris Energy has grown against the odds. On February 13th, Iris Energy announced that its self-mining hashrate had increased nearly threefold from 2.0 EH/s to 5.5 EH/s.

The “Non-fixed Price Order model” is a unique cooperation model developed jointly by BITMAIN and its customers based on the values of “Mutually Beneficial, Long-lasting, Sustainable.” The unique feature of the agreement is its “price adjustment mechanism”. Both parties share the market risk and agree on a purchase reference price at the time of signing the contract. The final transaction price is then adjusted based on the market situation at the time of delivery, but not higher than the purchase reference price. This model effectively enhances the customer’s risk management capability, enables customers to plan ahead, navigate market volatility, and grow against the odds.

BITMAIN is the world’s leading manufacturer of digital currency mining servers through its brand ANTMINER, which has long maintained a global market share and leading position in technology. As a vital contributor to the global mining ecosystem, BITMAIN is commited to building “Mutually Beneficial, Long-lasting, Sustainable” business partnerships with its customers to create a better digital world.

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