The World Digital Mining Summit Singapore 2023 Will Soon Begin, Gathering New Momentum in the Global Mining Industry

To promote high-quality development in the industry and help customers respond to new opportunities in the digital economy, BITMAIN, the world’s leading manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining servers through its brand ANTMINER, will host the World Digital Mining Summit Singapore 2023 on February 21.

WDMS is a global, regional, and online series of events hosted by BITMAIN and also one of the leading conferences in the cryptocurrency industry. Themed “Long-Term Companionship and Win-Win Partnership”, the summit is co-hosted by BITMAIN’s strategic partners BITFUFU and ANTALPHA, gathering leading Web 3.0 enterprises with top mining companies to discuss new investment and financial opportunities and the future growth of the mining industry.

The choice of Singapore as the location for this summit is also significant. As one of the world’s leading financial technology destinations, Singapore is one of the most crypto-friendly countries and is fast becoming the blockchain hub of Asia. To further promote a win-win situation and show appreciation to customers, the summit will offer three exclusive customer benefits, including $100,000 ANTMINER Coupon, Hashrate Award Coupon, and a Global Hydro cooling Data Center Tour. The Hashrate Award Coupon offers loyal customers an additional 40% of hashrate on top of the original purchase, which can instantly boost their hashrate order from 100T to 140T. The Global Hydro cooling Data Center Tour is an initiative launched by BITMAIN to enhance and promote hydro cooling technology. BITMAIN invites customers to visit global hydro cooling data centers to better understand the construction and daily operations of a hydro cooling data center as the industry upgrades to promote a cleaner, more effective, and environmentally friendly industry.

BITMAIN firmly believes in preparing in the bear market and prospering in the bull market. Since 2022, BITMAIN has provided customers with business cooperation models to overcome difficulties, such as ANTMINER coupons and consignment sales. As the crypto winter thaws, the industry turns over a new leaf for a positive outlook in 2023. During the transition from a bear to a bull market, BITMAIN will carry out its mission, empowering the global blockchain community to achieve steady and sustainable growth of computational power, and fulfilling the vision of creating a better digital world.

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